New Owner, Same Great Quality

Hollie & Amy
Hollie and Amy (2022)
Shop History: In 2017, with no pattern and armed with a knot, Amy formed Tiny Turban Shop. "They're a hug for your head"! Eventually the company grew as a business from her diaper bag, to a phenomenal success on Etsy, to its current home on Shopify. With over 10,000 sales all over the world, Hollie became a loyal customer to Amy and Tiny Turban Shop and eventually became a brand rep with her daughter Susie in 2021. In 2022, being a local rep, Hollie and Amy developed a friendship which grew into discussions of life ever evolving and led to the purchase of Tiny Turban Shop. January 2023 marks the new ownership of Tiny Turban Shop, but we promise the same, unique quality you won't find anywhere else. Still, each turban is hand sewn, knotted, and tenderly created by one artisan, Hollie, trained by Amy. We know that your babies deserve the best and we look forward to being a part of your home. 
Hollie and Daughter, Susie. (2022)
Meet The Maker: I'm Hollie! After 3 beautiful boys, and finally having my 4th be a girl, I fell in love with all things feminine including Tiny Turban Shop. I  became addicted to the never-ending comments on how cute my baby girl was at the grocery store. One thing led to another and here I am sewing these darling accessories for your precious sweethearts. Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to own my own business, and here I am actually doing it! It is my prayer that our current customers will continue to support me through the ownership change and as I grow Tiny Turban Shop into an even bigger family. 
Hollie and Family (2021)
At Tiny Turban Shop, we are excited to expand our products and grow our business as a family. Hollie will work hand in hand with her husband, Jackson, and her little sister Amelia to develop the business and quality products you love. We hope to grow so much that we have to pull in all our family and friends, including all the little baby models we can get! 

Sisters, Hollie & Amelia (2022)



Cousins, Susie & Ember and their first Tiny Turban Shop Photoshoot (2022)


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